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July 24th, 2008

Two right triangles to a side, five sides to the structure and five panels to the roof with two triangles each. Each two right triangles add up to make one equilateral triangle. Each side is a bit more than seven feet long. Why a bit more than seven feet long? Isn’t God the number 7? Well, yes, yes, he is, but wouldn’t you like just a bit more god with that “sacred” geometry? Now, we’re not goin’ all the way with 8 feet. We’ll leave infinity to the Big Boys. But yes, even in or sacred geometry, we give you just a little bit more than your “average” spiritual path and while each of the five sides may symbolize one of the five elements and each side is made up of two opposing triangles that could represent the male and female aspects of that element and the roof itself has skylights that might symbolize the upwards movement of the spirit, our take out window will still be at eye level so it could maybe be seen as providing adequate accessibility to our offerings.

No walk-ups, no inside seating please.

No Shoes? No Shirt? So was Jesus! They might turn you away at the local church for “improper dress” but we’ll serve you even if you’re naked! Or just wearing a pink tutu! Or just wearing a pink tutu on - well, you get the idea. We do not discriminate here. You could be covered in rolex watches with the diamonds replaced by blinky blimky snoopy lights or naked as the day you were born and you’ll get the same outstanding service and the same mclightening order.

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  1. On July 30th, 2008 yoginimac said:

    make that 10 sides to the structure…

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